After-sales service

Your Hino Truck is warranted under the terms and conditions set forth on this Web Site and the dealer will provide warranty service in accordance with such terms and conditions.

You can print Warranty Forms including Warranty Registration Forms for Warranty Services, Maintenance Vouchers for free inspections at the first 1000km and 5000km and the Warranty Statement. of those tests.

You can see information about the HINO service network here.

During use, many parts / parts of the vehicle are worn or damaged (from light to heavy). Without proper inspection and maintenance, your vehicle will become unsafe. To ensure each component in detail and your car in general are always operating well, to prevent damage to the car mid-way and extend the life of the car to save operating costs. Customers’ vehicles must be inspected and serviced periodically.

At present, HMV provides customers with fast maintenance services. With fast maintenance service will help customers more satisfied when the waiting time reduced. Customers who book by phone, the maintenance center will collect detailed information about the customer, about the condition of the car and service requirements, thereby determining the exact time of appointment to bring the car to warranty or advise clients at the appropriate time. Thus, the customer can determine the stop time for “BDSC”.

Rapid maintenance provides high-quality, accurate workflow based on standard workflows. Customers can determine the price paid by the agent’s service department on the menu.

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